What Is A Pneumatic Sealless Tool And What Industries Would Benefit From Having This Tool?

A pneumatic sealless tool is a tool that is not generally used within a home environment, but is used in an industrial setting where it is necessary to strap together products for shipment. A homeowner who may buy one of these tools may find that they would be better off with duct tape or some rope for strapping materials rather than a pneumatic sealless tool that is used forstrapping heavy items together.

The pneumatic sealless tool is a handheld tool that is great for strapping flat packages. Its light weight and its air motor for tensioning is a great way to save time when strapping packages together. In fact, the sealless joint eliminates approximately 10% of the cost by eliminating seals. It even allows for tension adjustment for different types of packages since no two packages will require the same degree of tension depending on the materials.

These are great for strapping such materials as wood slats like those used in wood flooring. The sealless joint's efficiency is quite high and is higher than those joints that use a separate seal. It can be used both horizontally and vertically and can be used in just about any industry that requires any type of flat packaging to be strapped together for safe shipping.

Of course there are different types of these pneumatic sealless tools on the market. They can be used with one type of steel strapping or they can use two different type of steel strapping. A good example of this is a pneumatic sealless tool that uses standard steel strapping, which can be found in widths of anywhere from 10mm to 19mm and the thickness can be anywhere from 0.38mm to .60mm. Other pneumatic sealless strapping tools may also use other types of steel strapping that is as thick as .63mm. It depends on what size packages need to be strapped and the strength that is needed on whether or not standard or tensile steel strapping is needed. There are also pneumatic sealless tools that use strapping as much as 32mm wide and 1.30mm thick for those even larger packages.

As stated above, any industry shipping flat packages can benefit from using these tools. For those smaller jobs, a business may only need a pneumatic sealless tool with steel strapping that is 10mm wide and only .38 mm thick, but another company may need to bring out the big guns and use a pneumatic sealless tool that uses straps that are 32mm wide and 1.30mm thick.

The great thing is that these tools make strapping easier than doing it by hand and it can prevent injuries and save time. However, it is important to ensure that the right size tool is acquired to make sure that all jobs are done efficiently. If the tool is too small, then the strapping that is being used may not be adequate for the weight of the material, so it is better to be too big than too small when shipping heavy items.

Strapping that is not thick or wide enough can still break under large amounts of pressure and this could cause personal injury if anyone is in the vicinity of the product if such breakage occurs. That is why it is important to assess the weight of the material being transported. If not sure, it is a good idea to buy the next model up that handles a higher weight than what you think it might be. That way, you can ensure that you're getting adequate support for the materials that you are shipping within your business and also ensuring the safety of all involved.


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