Noisy Pipes Tips

Plumbing information from an authoritative source is hard to come by these days with plumbers charging an arm and a leg for their services and a whole lot of misinformation out there about what's causing problems with your plumbing.

Some of the problems with plumbing include noisy pipes. Noisy pipes are a scare, nuisance, problem, and plague for everyone, depending on how annoyed they are by them. Every time you sit down to take a load off, the pipes start acting up and making noise. There's no way to get any relief.

Noisy pipes can make loud hammering sounds and really high-pitched squeaks and screams. Sometimes, loose pipes can be to blame, water can stuck in the air chambers, or the water pressure may be just to high. Anchoring pipes is the best solution. It is best to call a professional to get pipes anchored.

Some pipes actually bang. You could need to add straps to the pipes, put rubber blankets on the pipes, or even do both. However, anchoring a pipe should always be done with the need to leave room for expansion.

Some pipes can squeak, and this can be particularly annoying. If you think a mouse squeaking is annoying, be prepared for the worst. Pipes squeaking can sound even worse than a whistle. The good news is that only hot water pipes squeak. The hot water causes the pipe to expand, and it moves the strap, and the friction causes the squeak to happen. At least you can pinpoint the problem and address it correctly. Simply cushion it like you would any other banging pipe.

Sometimes the water can hammer when the pipe is being shut off. The solution is to check for loose pipes and anchor the pipes. You might have faulty air chambers. The pipe holds air that cushions the shock after water is abruptly shut off. However, sometimes these can get filled with water and lose their effectiveness. You'll need to restore the air chambers to get them working again.

Noisy pipes aren't exactly dangerous, but they can lead to damaging problems if they aren't addressed correctly. Don't exacerbate it by not dealing with a professional and trying to address it yourself. The noise that happens when you're trying to go to the bathroom should only be coming from you, not your pipes. If your pipes are acting up, don't try to handle it yourself, call a plumber and get it taken care of because a person can put up with only so much noise.


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